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title pic Weddings and the many Filipino Superstitions

Posted by admin on July 4, 2012

Filipinos are one of the most superstitious people in the world, thanks to our diverse culture and ancestors. Although not all of which are being practiced and followed, some couples like to respect folklore superstitions out of respect or maybe an important elderly in the couple says so. Whatever the reasons are, if it wouldn’t hurt to follow, then it might be best to do so. The couple may have much to gain and nothing to lose anyway.

One popular wedding superstition is that the couple becomes prone to accidents prior to the event, thus it is advised that the couple shouldn’t travel long distances and avoid it as much as they can. Not unless the couple wants an out-of-town or a beach wedding, following the superstition wouldn’t hurt. It would cut down on your trip expenses and more for the wedding fund.

Bride shouldn’t wear pearls during the wedding because it will bring bad luck to the marriage. As much as a couple can, they can just choose a gown that works well with other pieces of jewelry instead of pearls. It doesn’t really have a logical explanation to it, but if diamonds can just be paired with the gown then the couple may have better luck.

Another superstition is that breaking any piece of glass at the wedding is a sign of good luck. Although this can’t be a pretty sight at receptions where the couple is expected to pay for anything’s that broken (which doesn’t seem to be a sign of luck at all), it is just better to allot a few buck for the wedding fund, just in case.

Lastly, one of the most popular superstitions is that the groom should always arrive earlier than the bride or else it will bring bad luck. In this case, it is always best that the groom arrives early since he is expected to be the one waiting in the altar and not the bride. Also, by arriving early, the groom will have time to make any last minute checks before the grand ceremony starts.

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