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Posted by admin on July 7, 2012

Wedding Vows

Wedding Vows

The moment two people decide to marry; there are a lot of reasons why they dive into it. Of course, one of them should be love. But more than deep love, there should be trust, friendship, fun and support. But different people marry for many more reasons, something that may be too personal that only that person can appreciate it, and so they ask her to marry him. But whatever the reason may be, the wedding vow should sum it all up, but the question is how.

Of course, not everyone is talented or skillful enough to write a poem that expresses his deep love to his bride. And not everyone can play with words to reveal his/her real emotions. And sometimes, what’s inside the heart just couldn’t be put to words as easy and that’s why writing a wedding vow shouldn’t be done overnight and shouldn’t feel like a dreaded disease. Wedding vows are such a beautiful part of the ceremony; it shouldn’t be terrorizing rather it should be embraced.

First thing a groom or a bride should do is to list down all the characteristics of their partner in one piece of paper; whether good or bad, just write it down. It may take days to finally feel satisfied with the list, but don’t sweat it. Getting to know the person and learning to appreciate him or her did not happen as quickly as well.

After the list, reminisce about the past. Think about the ideal wedding, the ideal ma/woman and the ideal life that was once a childhood dream. Is the ideal man/woman fits the characteristics of the current fiancé/fiancée? Don’t worry if it doesn’t fit, maybe that’s worth writing in the vow that no matter how different the person is from the ideals, somehow it feels perfect still.

Then the promises; how much one can commit to his/her lifetime partner to be. One thing is for sure, no marriage is perfect but that imperfection can be overcome by promises that shouldn’t be broken. If the vow says love that lasts a lifetime, then no matter how hard the going gets, love shouldn’t be forgotten. If the vows says the promise of friendship, then be the friend in the vow.

These are mere little things that should be included in a vow. It doesn’t have to be poetic or without grammatical errors. The vow is not to be criticized, as long as it comes from the heart and is genuine,; then it may be the perfect vow in the world for the couple.

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